Bounty Airdrop of DIPChain – Big Rewards

Bounty Airdrop of DIPChain

Bounty Airdrop of DIPChain – Big Rewards

Update:In order to better build on the “DIP Airdrop Fundraising Event”. We will update the activity regularly until the end of the ICO.

You can participate in activities to get Token and Bounty during ICO

The complete bounty pool is:

(equating to 2% of the DIP available at ICO or US$300,000)

List of events

1. Telegram join (get 150 Token)

2. Event of social media

a) Twitter(get 350 Token)

b) Facebook(get 350 Token)

c) Blog(get 25$ USD/Post)

3. Event of Bitcointalk about Icon or signature(every week get 200–400 Token)

4. Event of Community Manage(10000 USD)

Link of Application: click here →Https://

Every event of Token and Bounty need to fill out the form application (The form is simple and fast, don’t worry), the form helps us to determine the fairness and fairness of the Token.

Please do not forget to apply the application once you have completed the requirement of the bounty!!

Details of Event:

Join our official Telegram


Join our official group of Telegram @DIPChain, you can get 150 Token of DIP (more 3 USD).


a. Join the group of telegram @DIPChain hasta final of ICO

b. Link of Telegram official:


Submit the link of your application and fill out the form including the email and Telegram username.


a. Applications which meet the above conditions will be awarded by a first-in-first-served basis, in accordance to the application submission.

b. Join the group of the telegram get 150 DIP Token

2 Event of social media

a) Twitter


Follow our official Twitter account @DIPChain get 200 Token,retweet the top post pinned of the page of twitter get 150 DIP Token, and 350 Token for maximum.


a. Only for accounts with more than 100 Twitter fans

b. Must follow the @DIPChain throughout the ICO to get 200 Token

c. The tweet/retweet must be appropriate and not devalue DIPChain

d. Share/Like/Comment our post, get 150 Token every time

e. All Token can be obtain 350 about Twitter


Submit Twitter ID and tweet links


Keep follow @DIPChain 200 Token

Like — 50 Token

Retweet tweet — 50 Token

Comment — 50 Token

b) Facebook


Like Facebook fan page for 200 Token and retweet the post pinned of homepage of DIPChain get 350 DIP Token


a. Must be Like the fan page of @DIPChain throughout the ICO to get 200 Token

b. The post must be appropriate and not devalue DIPChain

c. Share/Like/Comment our post, get 150 Token every time

d. All Token can be obtain 350 about Twitter


Submit Facebook ID and Retweet links


Keep like @DIPChain fan page 200 Token

Like Post 50 Token

Retweet tweet 50 Token

Comment 50 Token

c) Blog

Create a Blog Post to receive 1500 Token per eligible blog post (approx. US$25)

Rules:The blog must:

a. have 300 words minimum;

b. include links to the DIPChain Telegram ( website(

c. be publicly accessible;

d. have a minimum 200 views(not manipulate the view counts)

f. promotes DIPChain or the DIPChain ICO

e. The post must be appropriate and not devalue DIPChain

Application:Submit application via link including link to the blog post.

Reward:Each eligible post will receive Token $25 USD

3 Bitcointalk Signature & Avatar Campaign

Content: Use the DIPChain signature and avatar (according to your profile level) below to receive DIP Token!

Time:GMT+8 April 16, 2019 to July 15, 2019

a) Must create 50 different posts with the avatar and signature of DIPChain

b) Must post relevant content and ensure suitability for the forum

c) Must ensure posts do not devalue DIPChain and our ICO

d) Must not change the Avatar or Signature during the ICO

e) Must not use multiple accounts or spam (anyone abusing the system will be reported to the appropriate mediators, permanently disqualified from the campaign, and banned from all other bounties)

Application: Submit application form with a link for check the avatar and signature on the forum.

Reward: DIPChain will be provided on a weekly basis to successful applicants as below (upon conditions met):

Legendary/Hero: 400 (approx. US$12)
Sr./Full: 350 (approx. US$11)
Member: 250 (approx. US$8)
Jr. Member: 200 (approx. US$6)

Below are the Avatars and Signatures to be used

Signature: !Click here!



4 Event of Community Manager

Content: create and manage a country specific community room of 100+ members (, for Russia, LINE for Japan or a just simple Slack channel etc.).


a. Create and Increase community(For a minimum of 100 people),Community manager audited can get $10,000 Token

b. Pre-application is required for our DIPChain team, depending on the country, different CMs will also have different mission requirements.

c. Each country only accepts 2 CM, each group requires a CM

d. Understand the basics of DIPChain (what it is and how it works);

e. Manage and Maintenance the community until the final of the ICO (e.g.: Answer all questions appropriately, ensure DIPChain is promoted, etc.).

f. Not include China, and Chinese chat group connection tools

g. Create the group/chatroom need use DIPChain title and introduction.

h. Some translations require CM to help

Application: Pre-application is required for condition of CM, it depends on the judgment of DIPChain to accept the pre-application and we thank you for your understanding. Not all pre-application may be accepted.

Reward:a. Create and increase community, manage and maintenance the community, part of content needs to translate, different countries have different requirements, $10,000 USD for the rewards.

DIPChain Team

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Good luck


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