BlockStamp Community Giveaway – Get BST Token

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BlockStamp Community Giveaway - Get BST Token

BlockStamp Community Giveaway – Get BST Token

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BlockStamp Community Giveaway, Tutorial As Below

– Join BlockStamp Community Giveway At:     

+ Enter Your full name and email

+ Click ‘Save’

+ Do tasks to earn entries. Entries will be convert to BST Token

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About BlockStamp

BlockStamp (BST) is a new digital currency intended to store user data in blockchain. It is based on Bitcoins peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority. The goal was to create a new fast and effective blockchain that could be used for trusted timestamping of documents. Currently, BlockStamp blockchain is used as the core of an online gambling platform. Future uses will cover timestamping dedicated for banking purposes,DNS and more.

BlockStamp Games was created by the group of individuals who are cryptocurrency enthusiasts who decided that the current operational model of online cryptocurrency casinos is way behind our times. The BlockStamp is now in charge of the project.

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