Bithumb Futures Airdrop USDT – Earn Up To $130 Of USDT – Bithumb Futures Overview

Bithumb Futures Airdrop USDT - Earn Up To $130 Of USDT - Bithumb Futures Overview

Bithumb Futures Airdrop USDT – Earn Up To $130 Of USDT – Bithumb Futures Overview

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Bithumb Futures Airdrop USDT – Tutorial As Below

Step 1: Register Bithumb Futures Account

– Register Bithumb Futures account at:

Bithumb Futures

– Enter Your email address, select country

– Tick in box ‘I have read…’ and click on ‘Sign Up’

– Check Your email to get code then enter code to create login password

Step 2: Activate 2FA Security

– Login Your account and go to this page to activate 2FA security:

– You will receive $5 of USDT into account after activated 2FA security

Step 3: Earn Up To $130 Of USDT 

– Go to this page:

– Completed task of events to earn up to $130 of USDT rewards

– Note: Airdrop Period: March 18, 2020 – April 16, 2020

Referral Rewards Of Bithumb Futures

– Go to this page to get Your referral link:

– Earn up to 40% commission rebate

Bithumb Futures Overview

About Bithumb Futures

Bithumb Futures is a global digital asset dervivatives trading platform with initial product offering of Bitcoin to USDT Perpetual Contract up to 100x leverage.

Bithumb Futures seeks to focus on more efficient, resilient, and secure trading of leveraged contracts and quality multi-lingual customer services for a diverse range of global clients from retail individuals to professional institutions.

Why Choose Bithumb Futures?

Deep Liquidity, Tight Spreads: Highly liquid and efficient markets supported by a diverse range of institutional-grade market makers and global retail communities.

Cross-Asset Collateral: Trade with our unique cross-asset collateral system that allows users to post USDT, PAX, USDC, BTC, and ETH to increase buying or selling power for potential higher returns.

One-Click Conversion: Swap BTC or ETH to USDT, and vice versa, via our convenient, zero-fee, one-click conversion portal.

Robust Platform Security: 100% of funds in access-controlled cold storage for secure custody of users’ digital assets.

High-performance order matching engine: Real-time monitoring on system processing and capacity, which rivals the leading, industry competitors.

Dedicated Client Services 24/7: Multilingual client service and technology support with 24/7 coverage for global retail and institutional clients of Bithumb Futures.

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