Bither Airdrop BTR – Get Free BTR Every 2 Hours – 100 BTR ~ 1 ETH

Bither Airdrop BTR - Get Free BTR Every 2 Hours - 100 BTR ~ 1 ETH

Bither Airdrop BTR – Get Free BTR Every 2 Hours – 100 BTR ~ 1 ETH

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Bither Airdrop BTR, Tutorial As Below

Step 1: Register Bither Airdrop Account

– Register Bither account on website:

– Click on ‘Sign Up Now’

– Enter Your email and create login password

– Tick in box ‘Terms And Conditions’ and ‘reCAPTCHA’

– Click on ‘Sign Up’ button

– Check Your email and click ‘Verify Account’

Step 2: Get Free BTR

– Login Your account

– Click on ‘Get Bither’ at right side

– Tick in box ‘I’m not a robot’ then click on ‘Get Bither’

– You will get random from 0.0025 BTR to 25 BTR

– Every 2 hours, You can login and get free BTR

Step 3: Referral Rewards

– Earn 25% of referral’s incoming BTR Token

– Like Facebook page and share (Optional):

– Join Telegram group and channel (Optional):      Telegram Channel    &    Telegram Chat

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About Bither 

The architecture of Bither is designed to minimize the computational resources required for safeguarding the network, by doing so, a portion of the computing power, by the miners’ choice and in a democratic way can be driven towards scientific projects that are in need of computing power to process big data. In this way, Bither provides PoW consensus mechanism with a more efficient framework.

One of the Bither’s features is the merged mining, this is a powerful incentive to draw more miners to Bither’s network. Miners would be able to mine all customized tokens located on the second layer, not just the main coin (BTR).

Bither Platform benefits from a more efficient, flexible, modular-based and user-friendly set of features that even currently-existing blockchains with a second layer solution do not. As an example, in Bither, users can add a third layer to their network located in the second layer. Such a feature makes them able to define multiple tokens and make their project better structured.

To conclude, the Bither platform while providing all the features of current blockchains such as protecting the network with PoW, tokenization and smart contracts, it aims to push blockchain technology one step further in order to have a place in a green and eco-friendly future and to be a great help for science to afford to process big data. Besides these, Bither has brought many innovations to make its platform more efficient and user-friendly.

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