Bitcurate Airdrop On ProBit – Receive 2 BTCR Tokens Free

Bitcurate Airdrop On ProBit - Receive 2 BTCR Tokens Free

Bitcurate and ProBit exchange are launching a Crypto Airdrop campaign to community. Join the Bitcurate Airdrop and register ProBit account, You will receive 2 BTCR Tokens free. Step by step to claim free Tokens as below.  

Bitcurate Airdrop BTCR Tokens On ProBit – Tutorial

Airdrop duration: 15 Jun 2020, 12:00 KST to 21 Jun 2020, 12:00 KST

Tokens Airdrop distribution will be processed within 1 week after the event end date.

Register Probit Account 

Register account on Probit website

Enter Your email address, create login password

Tick in box ‘I have read…’ then click on ‘Register’

Check Your email to get code and enter code to confirm

Complete The Social Tasks 

Join Bitcurate Telegram channels:   &

Fill the Airdrop form and submit:

Enter Your name, email address that registered ProBit account and Telegram username. You will receive 2 BTCR Tokens free after Airdrop ends.

About Bitcurate

Bitcurate is predictive data analytics for cryptocurrency that help better decision-making through data-driven insights powered by AI and sentiment analysis.

Bitcurate aims to bring transparency to the cryptocurrency industry. They help investors, traders, and the fund managers make better decisions and are building models, algorithms and data science tools that brings data-driven decision making to their investments. They believe that crypto will democratize financial access and inclusion by enabling more market participants to access to the future of money and decentralize finance.

About ProBit 

ProBit is a global cryptocurrency exchange.  They only lists promising, qualified and deserving cryptocurrency projects. ProBit boasts order matching speed of over 1.5 million orders per second, superb security which supports hardware security keys and a customizable user interface.

ProBit Exchange is built to be the most professional, and also global and further secure marketplace for digital assets. its vision is to become the most innovative platform also that will create waves in the global Cryptocurrency.

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