Bingbon Exchange And KTSGroup AMA – Airdrop $100 Of USDT Free And $12,000 For Trading Credit

Bingbon Exchange And KTSGroup AMA - Airdrop $100 Of USDT Free And $1,200 For Trading Credit

Bingbon Exchange And KTSGroup AMA – Airdrop $100 Of USDT Free And $12,000 For Trading Credit

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Bingbon Exchange And KTSGroup AMA – Airdrop Tutorial As Below

KTSGroup is the biggest cryptocurrency community in Vietnam with over than 80,000 members. KTSGroup will host AMA with Bingbon Exchange on Friday, 13th of December 20:00 UTC+7. Besides, KTSGroup and Bingbon are launching airdrop program on Twitter and Telegram with $100 of USDT rewards and $12,000 for trading to participants.

Step by step to join airdrop, as below:

1. Bingbon Exchange Airdrop On KTSGroup Twitter – Receive $100 Of USDT Free:

– Follow KTS Group on Twitter (Mandatory):

– Like and retweet the Bingbon exchange And KTSGroup AMA tweet (Mandatory):

– Place Your questions as comment about Bingbon exchange on this tweet (Mandatory):

– Register Bingbon exchange account to receive extra $100 into Your account for trading (Optional):

– Rewards:

+ 10 best questions from twitter will share the airdrop of $100 in USDT

+ Rewards will be transferred to Your personal wallet after AMA ends

2. Join Quiz Game To Win $12,000 For Trading Credit On Bingbon Exchange

– Join AMA on Telegram group:

– Participate the AMA Quiz with Admin to win $12,000 for trading


+ Prizes will deposit into Your Bingbon exchange account after AMA ends.

+ Prizes only use to trade and can’t withdraw but You can withdraw Your profits into personal wallet

+ AMA will host on Friday, 13th of December 20:00 UTC+7

About KTSGroup And Bingbon Exchange

KTSGroup is the biggest cryptocurrency community in Vietnam with over than 80,000 members. KTS Group prouds of being one of the pioneers with a team of strong experienced people in blockchain and cryptocurrency, expertise in building marketing plan for blockchain companies, especially in Vietnam Crypto Market. Moreover, with biggest communities and KOLs in Vietnam, they can support projects to promote efficiently. Besides, KTSGroup have relationship with different exchanges to provide project listing service with reasonable fee.

KTSGroup aim is becoming the best crypto media agencies and marketing services in Vietnam and South East Asia.

KTSGroup provides services:

– Provide the signals for trading of crypto, forex and stock

– Online and Offline events organizing: AMA on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook; Organize in-depth events on crypto-specific topics and blockchain in general; Meetup events meet celebrities; Meetup event for projects.

– Promotion And Marketing: Reviewing and analysing the project, making master marketing strategy; Pulishing articles on website and media partners; Planning and executing Media plans in different platforms and channels; Writing review; Making videos; Designing infographic banners; and other…

– Community building: Being the project’s representative in Vietnam; Building community in social media such as Facebook, Telegram, etc; Managing and update the project information to community; Interacting with community to learn the demand and feedback.

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

– KTSGroup supports projects to list on exchanges

Learn more information at:

Bingbon exchange is a contract trading platform invested by Hong Kong-listed company Xiong An Technology (1647.HK). It has a European digital asset exchange license issued by the company. Its services focus on safe and efficient contract transactions, including but not limited to digital assets. Global index, etc. The R&D team comes from the top financial institutions and Internet companies in the US, Hong Kong and China.

Bingbon uses an advanced 11-fold wallet encryption and has a bank-level security framework. The contract system introduces the Bitcoin third-party spot index market, and the market is open and transparent, supporting investors to check, without any manipulation space. Self-research contract tracking system, users can choose excellent analysts and traders for smart follow-up.

– Like Facebook page and share (Optional):

– Join Telegram group and channel (Optional):      Telegram Channel    &    Telegram Chat

– Follow KTSGroup (Vietnam Cryptocurrency Community) on Twitter and retweet the latest tweet (Optional):

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Good luck,


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