Binance Voting Reward Program – How To Join?

Binance Voting Reward Program - How To Join?

Binance Voting Reward Program – How To Join?

About Binance Voting

Due to popular demand, Binance is bringing back “Community Coin of the Month”, but now in a completely different format that is both fair and also rewarding for participating users.

The new Community Coin Vote will put two projects head to head against each other. The project that receives the most votes at the end of the voting period will be listed on Users will receive votes based on their average daily Binance Coin (BNB) balance held over a 9-day period leading up to the vote.

Additionally, users that vote for the winning project will also be rewarded with an airdrop of both BNB and the winning project’s tokens.

User Vote Calculation

Users will be able to receive up to a maximum of 10 votes based on their daily average BNB holdings (represented by X below) over the 9-day period leading up to the vote. The average calculation includes the BNB on your spot account, sub-accounts, margin account, and even Binance Lending.

Remember that holding the right amount of BNB also gets gives you the power to participate in Binance Launchpad and other benefits that the entire Binance ecosystem offers.

For example, 50 ≤  X < 100 means that your average BNB balance over the entire specified period is kept at 50 BNB or more, but does not exceed 100 BNB.

Daily Average BNB balance (X)

No. of Votes

50 ≤  X < 1001
100 ≤  X < 1502
150 ≤  X < 2003
200 ≤  X < 2504
250 ≤  X < 3005
300 ≤  X < 3506
350 ≤  X < 4007
400 ≤  X < 4508
450 ≤  X < 5009

Average BNB Holdings Calculation

An example of the average BNB holdings calculation for each user is below.


Average BNB Holdings on each Day

2019/10/01100 BNB
2019/10/02100 BNB
2019/10/03100 BNB
2019/10/04100 BNB
2019/10/05120 BNB
2019/10/06120 BNB
2019/10/07150 BNB
2019/10/08150 BNB
2019/10/09150 BNB
9 Day Average BNB Holdings(100 + … + 120 + … + 150) / 9 = 121 BNB
Total Eligible Votes2 Votes

How To Join?

Step 1: Register Binance Exchange Account

– Register Binance exchange account at:

– To register Binance exchange account, please read this tutorial: Tutorial Of Binance Registration

Step 2: Buy And Hold  Binance Coin (BNB)

– To buy BNB, please read this tutorial at: Buy Bitcoin And Crypto On Binance Exchange

– Your vote count depends on how much BNB You hold on average for 9 days like rules above

Step 3: Vote And Win

– Go to this page:

– When the round vote is opened: You can select the project to vote.

– Users will only be able to choose one project to contribute all their votes to. You cannot vote for both projects.

– You have a 50:50 chance of winning BNB and the winning project’s tokens.

– Rewards will be issued within 2 weeks after the vote ends.

Binance Voting Reward Program – How To Join? – Cryptokiemtien
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