Binance Pool Referral Program To Share 300 BNB Rewards

Binance Pool Referral Program To Share 300 BNB Rewards

Binance Pool is launching a Binance Pool Referral Program promotion where you can invite friends to earn BNB. Total of 300 BNB rewards will share to participants. 

Competition period: 2021-01-22 12:00 PM – 2021-02-22 12:00 PM (UTC)

Binance Pool Referral Program – Tutorial As Below

Register Binance Exchange Account

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Event 1: Invite People To Join Binance Pool To Earn BNB Bonuses

During this event, users can invite friends to register (KYC verification is required) and submit their hashrate to Binance Pool (any amount of hashrate counts). During this promotion, users can also enjoy the standard 30% referral commission from mining pool fees. Inviters and invitees can also earn extra BNB rewards. The reward amount is 0.05 BNB for each person, with a maximum of 50 BNB in rewards per person. There is a total prize limit of 150 BNB, which will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Event 2: Referral Hashrate Ranking Competition – Win From A 150 BNB Prize Pool

During the promotional event, inviter (user) rankings will be based on the daily average of the total hashrate value of their invitees. The top ten users who invite and retain the most hashrate will receive the following rewards:

  • Top 1: 50 BNB
  • Top 2: 40 BNB
  • Top 3: 25 BNB
  • Top 4 to Top 10: 5 BNB for each person
  • The top ten users will also be awarded the opportunity to enjoy up to 50% of the mining pool fee referral commissions.

Terms & Conditions

  • After Your friends register and connect their hashrate to Binance Pool via Your referral link, Binance Pool will return the referral rewards to you, according to the actual amount of mined coins. Rewards are distributed as part of the daily settlement, and the referral rewards will be distributed to Your corresponding Pool Account.
  • The invitation ranking and awards will be announced within 7 working days after the event ends.
  • Rewards will be issued within 15 working days. You will be able to login and see your rewards via Account Center > Wallet > Distribution History.
  • The pool commission fee (returned according to the actual mining coin) is a daily settlement and returned to the corresponding Pool account.
  • The settlement coin for the referral commission will be the same as the mining coin used to pay the pool commission fee.
  • There is no upper limit for a single account to invite friends, but a single account can only receive up to 100 BNB in rewards.

You can go to this Binance page to learn more information

About Binance Pool

Binance Pool Referral Program has launched on 2020/09/18, 12:00 (UTC). Through this program, you can earn up to 50% in commissions when you invite your friends to Binance Pool. Your commission will come from the pool fees that your invited friends pay.

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