Binance Lunch For Children – We Now Have The Chance To Change Their Lives

Binance Lunch For Children

Binance Lunch For Children – We Now Have The Chance To Change Their Lives

Save a Starving African Child in Action!

  • $0.30 = one meal for one child
  • $6.6 = one month’s lunch for one child
  • 9 months = school’s opening calendar

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The Social Problem – Child Hunger in Africa

Hunger is the No. 1 health risk in the world — killing more people every year than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. Around 3.1 million children under five years old die from poor nutrition each year in the world. One out of six children — roughly 100 million — in developing countries is underweight. 66 million primary school-age children are attending classes without enough food supplied across the developing world, with 23 million in Africa alone.

Africa Hunger Facts – In East African countries such as Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, a child only needs $0.3 a day to have breakfast and lunch that provide enough nutrition and energy to them.

Out of 20 children in rural schools, only one takes a meal before they come to school, carry food to school or is able to buy something to eat while at school. This means that pupils leave home hungry; they stay at school hungry until 5pm, since schools do not provide meals, and only eat in the evening when they go back home. Sometimes even home is without meals for them. These rural-based schools have most pupils commuting from home to school daily over long distances on foot.

However, the daily income of most people who live in slums is less than $1, which means they cannot afford sufficient food for their children, especially when the parents have more than one child. Without getting enough food, children do not want to go to school. Instead, they are hired as child labor to earn a little money to buy some food to survive.

Most parents in rural area of the selected schools are so incapacitated to provide parked food, pay for feeding at school or even feed their children appropriately due to poverty (which accounts for about 65% below poverty line), married to many women and thus many children beyond their income levels and illiteracy/ignorance (Many children go empty handed to school because their illiterate/ignorant parents think that with UPE, everything is free).

Substantially, as a result of the above:

  • It’s evident that although almost every child enrolls in primary one, 63% of the generation reaches primary seven and only 49% enters lower secondary. It’s even worse is rural schools.
  • The rural school performance has always been poor with most of the selected schools having no first grades at PLE.
  • There is high rate of absenteeism and dodging of school to avoid the hunger or in a bid to look for something to eat.
  • There is misleading of the girl children by self-interested men in exchange for some little money to quench hunger at school leading into early pregnancies, HIV/AIDS and dropouts.
  • There is a high rate of stuntedness among children, malnourishment and constant illness of school going children.

Those hungry children should have a healthy and happy childhood and a warm and supportive environment to grow.

We now have the chance to change their lives.


The Solution

Binance Charity is dedicated to providing help with Hunger by focusing on Food charity in Uganda for School Children, our hunger donations go towards helping students in desperate situations in Africa with a view on changing the world for the better.

We will select schools that serve poor children and choose reliable food suppliers that provide healthy food for children with a competitive price. We will open crypto wallets for each child and the crypto wallet will be under the custody of their parents. They will then send the received BNB, BTC and ETH to suppliers’ wallet to exchange for their children’s food. Everything will be on the chain and verifiable for everyone.

In the special project, Blockchain technology serves as a critical tool to guarantee the transparency, accountability, and efficiency of all transactions and eliminate potential fraud and corruption in between the process of sending funds to the end recipients.

The first pilot project under Binance Lunch for Children was implemented in Jolly Mercy Learning Centre located in Kampala, Uganda, started from 204 students and school staff.

The first year lunch for the Jolly Mercy Learning Centre is sponsored by Zcoin.

How does the provision of food make an impact on these children?

Binance Lunch For Children

Education is the key to break the poverty cycle.

However, education with affordability and accessibility is not enough.

Even with education, many African children cannot concentrate in class because of hunger. In other words, education only functions when people meet basic physiological needs.

BCF believes the“Binance Lunch for Children Project” is the last mile solution for effective education delivery.

The Success Pilot

The Jolly-Mercy Learning Centre (“JLMC”) is a private school in the village on the edge of Kampala, the capital of Uganda. It was founded in 2006 through social donations from the globe and set up as a nonprofit school.

The construction was completed with the assistance of Children’s Rights Advocacy and Lobby Mission (“CALM Africa“) and officially started operations in 2009. The principal and main contact of the school is James Kimera Ssekiwanuka. James K.S. studied at the University of Cambridge and received two advanced degrees in Development Studies and Modernization Management. He received his Ph.D. from Washington International University in 2008 and is currently the Executive Director of CALM Africa.

The school is committed to nurturing the development of children, especially vulnerable children, with a mission to develop and become a leading and trustworthy school in the local community.

Currently, the school offers pre-school classes and grades 1-7 in primary schools, with a focus on English. In addition to basic education such as English, science, and sports, it also provides art courses such as music, art, and dance, as well as vocational skills training in agriculture and baking.

The school covers an area of 1,000 square meters and has a good campus environment with basic water facilities, kitchen, dining hall, and bathroom. In order to encourage the development of local planting and animal husbandry, the site has specially planned the site for a large number of crops and livestock.

The school currently has 205 students enrolled, aged between 3 and 12, including some orphans and other vulnerable children who lost their parents due to AIDS. The students come from 11 different villages covered by the school’s 8 km radius. Some students are either away from school or lost their parents to school. Students’ family economic conditions are difficult, and parents’ average annual income is about $300 per person.

In addition, the school is located in a remote and absurd location and is the only building among a large area of farmland and cultivated land. Every household in the surrounding villages is far apart. It takes 15 to 45 minutes to walk to school every day. The road surface is a yellow dirt road, and there are very few cars to walk. The school staff usually use motorcycles to travel between the school and the vegetable market 5 km away.

Binance Lunch For Children Binance Lunch For Children

How to Ensure Transparency

We will open crypto wallet for school students’ guardians, school employees and suppliers to ensure that the fund is traceable on chain. Our current Binance Charity Walletis part of this transparency drive to ensure that funds are fairly distributed to the right people in need and will continue to explore ways to ensure that charitable giving is transparent and fair.

To follow up, the foundation will collect monthly reports on operations from the school and provide an update on how the project progresses by illustrating the number of beneficiaries, the type of assistance offered to them, and the amount spent.

In addition, the school will regularly provide photos or videos update on their social media account.

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