Binance Lending Supported ETH, BCH And EOS To Flexible Deposits

Binance Lending Supported ETH, BCH And EOS To Flexible Deposits

Binance Lending Supported ETH, BCH And EOS To Flexible Deposits

Binance Lending has supported ETH, BCH and EOS to the list of supported assets on Flexible Deposits, a value-added service to Binance users who hold idle digital assets.

Binance Lending Details

Supported AssetIndividual Max Limit
BCH1,000,000 BCH
EOS1,000,000 EOS
ETH1,000,000 ETH

Please note that Binance Lending will adjust interest rates and maximum individual limits on flexible deposits based on market and risk factors.

How To Active Automatic Subscription Function Of Binance Flexible Lending Projects

Step 1: Register Binance Exchange Account (If You Haven’t Account)

– Register Binance exchange account at:

– To register Binance exchange account, please read this tutorial: Tutorial Of Binance Registration

Step 2: Activate Automatic Binance Flexible Lending Projects

– Login Your Binance account and move Your coins into Binance account

– Select [Earn] >>> [Lending] – [Products] – [Auto-Subscribe]  or go to this page to activate Binance flexible lending

Binance Lending


  • If the function is turned on, the system will transfer the total available assets from spot wallet to lending wallet automatically since 01:00 AM (UTC).
  • In automatic subscription, the system will estimate whether the total flexible product quota has exceeded the individual cap. The subscription of exceeding parts will be canceled automatically.
  • Please refer to “FAQ for Flexible Deposits Lending” for more information.
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