BHEX Exchange Airdrop Tutorial – Earn BHT Tokens Free – Total Rewards Pool 10 millions BHT

BHEX Exchange Airdrop Tutorial - Earn BHT Tokens Free - Total Rewards Pool 10 millions BHT

BHEX Exchange Airdrop Tutorial – Earn BHT Tokens Free – Total Rewards Pool 10 millions BHT

Airdrop & Bounty Tutorial For Newbie, Click Here

BHEX Exchange Airdrop Tutorial, As Below

– Register BHEX Exchange Account At HERE

+ Enter Your email and create password

+ Click ‘Send Code’

+ Check Your email to get code

+ Paste code

+ Check in box ‘Terms of UsePrivacy Agreement’

+ Click ‘Sign Up’ button

– Login to Your account:

+ Click ‘Super Guild’ at site left top: Congratulations! You have successfully joined the guild and qualify to share 10,000,000 BHT now!

+ Click ‘Invite Friends’ to get Your referral link

– Referral Rewards: Invite friends to share 10,000,000 BHT. You will earn more BHT

About BHEX Exchange

BHEX is the next generation digital asset trading platform, with top grade performance of matching system which designed for million level of concurrent transactions. It further evolves to a globally distributed multi-nodes system and provides decentralized custody and clearing services of digital assets to institutional and retail investors transparently.

Super Guild is a community for knowledge communication, learning, and discussion in the Blockchain industry on BHEX platform. Guild members can gather Guild Trading Powers (GTP) to increase the winning opportunities in campaigns; to enjoy multiple membership benefits; to get Guild Rewards and trading strategy, to receive timely industry information, and to enrich personal industrial information resources.

Guild Genesis Activity Rewards

During the campaign period of time, BHEX has prepared 3 Genesis Block Rewards. The total reward of each Genesis Block is 1,000,000 BHT! The very first Block Reward is called Guild Genesis Block Reward.

The advantage to join Guild

Advantage 1:

When you join a guild, your opportunities of winning will increase. If the lucky winner is from your guild, all guild members (winning member included) will have a share of his prizes based on individual GTP holding. Therefore, users who have joined the guild have an increased opportunities of winning compared to users who do not join the guild.

Advantage 2:

Join a guild can gain trading strategy and messages, and share market opportunities from Guild President and members. 

The entry criteria for a guild to participate in campaigns:

When number of guild members increase to 5 or above, the guild will be activated and participate in exclusive guild campaigns.

* For more information, click at:

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Airdrop & Bounty Tutorial For Newbie, Click Here

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