Bethereum Contest – 12M BETHER Prizes Are Offered

Bethereum Contest - 12M BETHER And Some Limited Edition Prizes Are Offered

Join The Bethereum Contest With 12M BETHER And Some Limited Edition Prizes Are Offered

We would like to invite you to another HUGE free to play Bethereum betting contest.

Register Here, bet on both sports and eSports and watch live streams, all that while competing for a MASSIVE 12 million BETHER tokens in prizes!

The competition started on October 24th and will last until March 15th and this will be the last competition we will be holding on Beta version of our platform!

We are working hard on getting the required license to move forward with the platform and we should receive one in December this year!

The first round of the competition will last until January 4th and the top 500 players on the Leaderboard will win BETHER tokens!

We also have some additional limited edition prizes that we will be handing out during special events, but we will tell you about them at the right time

Win Big With Bethereum

The previous competition was played by 18 thousand players and over 730.000 bets have been placed, while the total number of bets placed on the beta version of the platform surpasses 1 MILLION!

In the first 2 days of this competition we already had over 13.000 bets placed, so let’s close our Beta version of the platform with a BANG and beat these numbers from the previous contest!

Every competitor starts with 4000 points and can gain an additional 500 points weekly for sharing their bets and a maximum of 750 points per day via referrals. So, tell your friends, share news about the competition and compete against other members of our amazing Bethereum community for top prizes! Let’s make this the BIGGEST competition in the history of Bethereum!

Join our Telegram channel and meet us and our community, and if you are a sports enthusiast try to challenge some of our sport fanatics in sports quizzes for additional BETHER prizes!

About Bethereum

Bethereum is an innovative betting platform built on blockchain technology. Fully decentralized and designed to tackle the key challenges of conventional betting, it delivers a host of innovative social and gamification features.
Starting with sport betting, our vision is to develop a broad B2C and B2B ecosystem and establish the Bether token as a global betting standard.

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