Best Website To Find Your Favorite Apps And Mobile Games

Best Website To Find Your Favorite Apps And Mobile Games - App5Star

Best Website To Find Your Favorite Apps And Mobile Games – App5Star 

When it comes to game reviews, there should be a certain amount of sites that comes to your mind, but I bet that if you want to name a website with professional reviews for mobile gaming content, then it would be difficult. We have giant sites like IGN, Games radars, and most of them are just for PCs and consoles, in short, popular platforms. So here is where App5Star comes into the picture, a site to provide an honest review for mobile games.

Mobiles game scenes, unlike more traditional platforms as mentioned above, are somewhat forgotten. There are too many games with similar concepts and somewhat acceptable graphics, so the creators of App5Star set themselves on a journey to find the hidden gems in all of those games. To do this task, they have to check all games of all genres of all kinds and play through them all to find hidden gems with qualities, then provide a short but precise review about them. The gaming industry is unforgiving, which means that not all of the brilliant ideas come into reality. By doing this, they hope to give game devs with potentials the expose that they deserve, which in turn will push them further and help them to develop more excellent games in the future, improve the gaming scene by the mass.

And not only gaming. App5star also provides reviews for mobile apps on both IOS and Android. We could expect more from them than just mainstream apps that flood all kinds of social media apps. Again, they put themselves as Guinea pigs on other’s behalf, to find out what is worth installing and what is not on your phone. Sometimes it means putting their phones in not so pleasant condition, but that is the risk that they are willing to take.

Overall with this direction, App5star seems to be going the right way and is on for a bright future. If you are looking for a website to find apps and games that are up to your taste, App5Star is the website for you.

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