Best Crypto Airdrop And Bounty For Earning Money Free – Top Best Cryptocurrency Airdrops And Bounties In April 2020

Best Crypto Airdrop And Bounty - Top Best Cryptocurrency Airdrops And Bounties In February 2020

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Best Crypto Airdrop And Bounty For Earning Money Free – Top Best Cryptocurrency Airdrops And Bounties 

1. Brave Browser Airdrop (Brave Rewards)

Earn Up To Than $1,000 Of BAT Token Free Per Month

Brave Browser Airdrop

About Brave Browser

Brave browser is on a mission to fix the web by giving users a safer, faster and better browsing experience – while growing support for content creators through a new attention-based ecosystem of rewards.

Much more than a browser, Brave is a new way of thinking about how the web works. Brave is open source, and built by a team of privacy focused, performance oriented pioneers of the web, founded by the inventor of Javascript and co-founder of Mozilla.

The Basic Attention Token, or BAT, is a token for a blockchain-based ad platform. The project aims to improve online advertising by cutting out third party ad exchanges, protecting user privacy, reducing ad fraud, and sharing revenue with users to reward them for their attention. The project combines with Brave browser and a utility token based on the Ethereum, BAT, to create a decentralized online advertising platform. Participants in the ecosystem transact with the BAT token : on one side of the exchange, advertisers pay with BAT, and on the other side, publishers and users can earn with BAT.

Tutorial of Brave Airdrop at: Top Best Cryptocurrency Airdrop And Bounty – Brave Browser Airdrop

2. Tamodo Airdrop 

Earn Up To Than $1,000 Of Bitcoin Free Per Month

About Tamodo

– Tamodo is the world’s leading affiliate marketing network. The Malta-based company has a global presence with has distribution partners for products and services in more than 30 countries. One of the major unique selling points of Tamodo Affiliate Network is their relatively high commission policy that ranges between 10% and 90% of the value of the order. Tamodo also helps publishers to optimize their income by storing cookies for up to 360 days.

– Tamodo’s extremely simple system that allows anyone to participate in making money by liking or sharing posts is also a fantastic feature of the network. This is in addition to Tamodo optimizing high conversion rates for advertising content, consequently increasing profits for publishers.Tamodo also offers Referral bonus model up to 7 levels to help publishers easily earn income from introducing new publishers to make money at Tamodo. This is somewhat unprecedented in the industry, with other affiliate programs and providers seemingly limiting the reach and possibility of publishers earning good money.

– The flexibility, versatility, and user-friendliness of Tamodo Affiliate Network have been further underlined with the multiple payment methods available to affiliates. Unlike many other platforms, Tamodo pays income through PayPal, bank transfer, Payoneer, and even Bitcoin. This ensures that everyone regardless of their location or preference is able to work and receive their money from the platform with ease.

– As part of the platform’s goal of literally redefining the concept of affiliate marketing and making a lot easier for diverse publishers and other stakeholders to benefit from the innovativeness of the platform, Tamodo will be introducing a token for users of the platform. The token named TMD will be issued in the second quarter of 2020. TMD will serve as the currency used by customers to pay for advertising programs on Tamodo. This will enhance customer experience, making it a lot easier for them to pay and get the best results for ad services.

– Members that register early on the all-inclusive platform will be eligible to participate in the free Airdrop program with TMD. The total of the airdrop is estimated to be valued at up to 10 million USD. The program is expected to provide reward based on the total number of members in the 7-level system introduced by members, which will be officially announced to the public from February 1, 2020.

– Tamodo also has an easy to navigate interface, allowing interested persons to register on the platform and enjoy the benefits of the platform. The Tamodo Beta version is still accepted for members to register and pay bonus as usual.

Tutorial of Tamodo Airdrop at: Top Best Crypto Airdrop And Bounty – Tamodo Airdrop

3. Taklimakan Airdrop

Taklimakan Airdrop $250K USDT – Receive Rewards Up To $5,000 USDT Free

About Taklimakan

Taklimakan Network is a next generation social network based on blockchain technology. A coherent resource of the crypto community from around the world, i.e. unique, convenient and easy-to-use tool for beginners, as well as a business platform for professionals from different categories and areas.

Taklimakan Network is a bridge of generations that carries society into the new crypto era, which provides informational value based on the interests and preferences of users of any social groups and different spheres of activity, regardless of their level of knowledge and language.

This platform creates opportunities both for self-development and business, as well as for entertainment and communication.

‪Taklimakan Mission: To accelerate ‪adoption of ‪cryptocurrencies in everyday life and be one of the major drivers for overall market growth.

Taklimakan Aim: ‪To become the biggest (in terms of number of users) and ‪most universal (in terms of functionality) ‪cryptocurrency platform.

Tutorial of Taklimakan Airdrop at: Top Best Crypto Airdrop And Bounty – Taklimakan Airdrop

4. Ecoin Airdrop 

Ecoin Airdrop – Receive 1,000 Of Ecoins Free ~ $125

About Ecoin

Ecoin is the world’s fastest-growing Cryptocurrency powered by world’s first ‘AI driven email-based proxy identity engine’ which aims to launch the world’s biggest airdrop.

Ecoin is an ‘email-based proxy Identity platform’ that rewards only one email per user, Ecoin achieves this using advanced AI engine, which ensures that one person can’t claim free tokens more than once.

Tutorial of Ecoin Airdrop at: Top Best Cryptocurrency Airdrop And Bounty – Ecoin Airdrop

Top Best Cryptocurrency Airdrop And Bounty – Cryptokiemtien

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