Altilly Exchange Airdrop – Receive KBYTE, ELET, BTCT Tokens Free

Altilly Exchange Airdrop - Receive KBYTE, ELET, BTCT Tokens Free

Altilly Exchange Airdrop – Receive KBYTE, ELET, BTCT Tokens Free

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Altilly Exchange Airdrop Tutorial As Below

Step 1: Register Altilly Exchange Account

– Register Altilly Exchange account at:

– Fill Your data, email address, create username then click on ‘Register’

– Check Your email to get temporary login password

– Login Your account: Click on ‘Profile’ to change login password

Step 2: Join Altilly Exchange Airdrop

– Join Altilly Exchange Airdrop at:

– Click on any task to register

– Enter Your first, last name, email address and click on ‘Continue’

Step 3: Do Tasks 

– Login Your Altilly Exchange Airdrop: Enter Your Altilly Exchange username and submit

– Do tasks and invite people to the Altilly Exchange Airdrop to receive more KBYTE, ELET, BTCT Tokens free

– Like Facebook page and share (Optional):

– Join Telegram group and channel (Optional):      Telegram Channel    &    Telegram Chat

– Follow KTSGroup (Vietnam Crytocurrency Community) on Twitter and retweet the latest tweet (Optional):

About Altilly Exchange

Altilly Exchange was initially a side project, an idea that grew into fruition. It is now a fully functioning Enterprise Grade System. If you see a problem, then let us know immediately. We’ve built the core parts of Altilly from the ground up, using the latest programming techniques to make the system less resource intensive, fast, and secure.

Altilly Exchange take great lengths to ensure a complete security lockdown of our systems using multiple layers of firewalls and internal networking. Our safe storage is completely off network and stored in a secured facility. Each time we move cryptocurrency funds to safe storage, we use a new address/private key. When and if we need to move funds from safe storage to the live wallets, we will only retrieve the key with a balance that matches the demand. All of our safe storage and withdrawal wallet public keys (addresses) are signed and available on our system status page for you to monitor and verify. For deposit and withdrawal wallets, each daemon is run by an uniquely assigned non-rootable user. This gives each wallet it’s own operating environment that can not disturb or read information from other wallets. We use long random strings for wallet usernames and passwords that are unique to each wallet and this information is stored as encrypted data. Our system will automatically lockdown any wallet which reverses it’s chain and we scan posted transactions for reversal as well.

Altilly Exchange believes that users of cryptocurrency should be able to trade easily and quickly with other users. Currently there are no pre-set limits on how much you can exchange, deposit, or withdrawal; however very large withdrawals may require additional time if those funds are stored in the safe or require manual approval. We do not require KYC from users who are low volume users (less than $5,000 equivalent in withdraws per day).

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