3WM Airdrop – Receive $15.5 Of 3WM Tokens Free

3WM Airdrop - Receive $15.5 Of 3WM Tokens Free

Join The 3WM Airdrop Program And Complete Tasks To Receive 200 3WM Tokens Free Worth Of The $15.5. Also You will be earned extra 25 3WM Tokens ($2) Per Referral, That You Invited To The Airdrop.

3WM Airdrop Tokens Tutorial

Chat With Telegram Bot And Complete Tasks

Chat with 3WM Crypto Airdrop Bot: https://t.me/W3MAirdropBot

Click on ‘Start’: Pass Captcha and do tasks

Join Telegram group and channel: https://t.me/Official3WM   &  https://t.me/group3wm

Follow on Twitter page and retweet the pinned tweet: https://twitter.com/3wmGroup

Like Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/3wmcoin

Follow Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/3wmgroup

Subscribe on YouTube channel and like, share any video on Your social media: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh9LhMTiu8GvL-l1UU4md6g

Join Telegram channel: https://t.me/ICOAnnouncement/243

Follow Twitter page and retweet the tweet of 3WM review: http://twitter.com/ICOAnnouncement

After completed tasks, click on ‘Submit Your Data’

Send Your email address, Twitter username, Facebook profile link, Instagram profile link, YouTube profile link and ETH (ERC20) wallet address to Bot

Click on ‘Balance’ to check Your 3WM Token balance and get referral link. You will receive 200 3WM Tokens free ~ $15.5 after Airdrop ends. The Tokens distribution will begin on the 30th of September, 2020.

Referral Rewards Of Airdrop

Share Your referral link to invite people to the Airdrop program and earn extra 25 3WM Tokens free ~ $2 for every referral.

About 3WM

3WM is a global industrial project dedicated to protect the environment and improving living conditions. Their ambition is to revolutionize the way we manage waste and plastics, the way we treat water, the way we move, by creating the world’s largest network of bioenergy plants and the world’s first green intelligence network.

3WM develops innovative solutions and supports companies that bring big improvements to the environment through a cryptocurrency dedicated to the circular economy.

Crypto Airdrop Program On Cryptokiemtien

If You want to join other Airdrops and get free Cryptocurrency, You can go to the our page of Airdrop & Bounty to find out more and don’t forget:

Like our Facebook page and share (Optional)

Join our Telegram group and Telegram channel (Optional)

Good luck,

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