100 ATOM Giveaway – Worth The $500 – Rewards Of Pos Bakerz

100 ATOM Giveaway - Worth The $500 - Rewards Of Pos Bakerz

100 ATOM Giveaway – Worth The $500 – Rewards Of Pos Bakerz 

ATOM Is Trading On Binance Exchange
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100 ATOM Giveaway, Tutorial As Below

– Dowload ATOM wallet at: http://wetez.io

+ Install to get ATOM wallet address

– Join rewards program of Pos Bakerz at: https://cosmoshodl.posbakerz.com

+ Click on ‘Sign Up’: Enter Your email address, full name and ATOM wallet address then click on ‘Sign Up’ button

+ Check Your email to verify email address

+ Do tasks to earn point

+ Join Telegram group and channel (Optional):      Telegram Channel    &    Telegram Chat

– Rewards:

100 ATOM to be split among winners in the following manner:

+ 1st in the ranking will earn 50 ATOM ~ $250

+ 2nd-10th will earn 2 ATOM ~ $10 each

+ 11th-32nd will earn 1 ATOM ~ $5 each

About ATOM And Pos Bakerz

ATOM (Cosmos) is building an inter-chain ecosystem where blockchain can scale and interoperate with each other as opposed to the one chain rule them all strategy adopted by many protocols. More than a simple product or blockchain, Cosmos is a whole ecosystem of tools to build inter-operable application-specific chains, among which the Cosmos Software Development Kit (SDK), Tendermint, the Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol (IBC), and Cosmos Hub are the main components.

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

POS Bakerz is a secure, reliable and efficient stacking company. With only 2% fees, we are one of the most competitive services. We are totally transparent and you can find all information about us.

* For more information at:  https://posbakerz.com

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